11 / 03 / 2012
Sporting Huelva 0 - Athletic Club 4
SC Huelva: Lola, Elena, Sandra, Lorena (min. 79, Ana Serrano), Maite, Anita (min. 46, Esperanza), Virgy (min. 70, Andrea), Alharilla, Laura Jurado (min. 79, Leyre), Jenny and Silvia.

Athletic Club: Ainhoa, Iraia, Ibarra (min. 71, Itsaso), Irene, Saioa, Flaviano, Olabarrieta, Guru (min. 50, I. Murua), Orueta, Nekane (min. 80, Arranz) and Erika (min. 79, Beristain).

Referee: Nuñez Garcia. Referee´s assistants: Rueda Roldán and Sevilla Gómez. The referee showed a yellow card to Lorena, Erika, and Olabarrieta.

0-1, min. 7, Guru. 0-2, min. 43, Erika. 0-3, min. 60, Orueta. 0-4, min. 82, Arranz.

300 People Present for the Match in Ciudad Deportiva De Huelva.

In spite of the final result, it wasn´t an easy match for Athletic Club. The small dimensions of the football field did not help our team. The first occasions of the match were for the local team. Alharilla shot the ball, but the ball went out to the stands. The rojiblancas scored first with Guru receiving a long pass, and sending the ball to the net. The local team created some opportunities near Athletic´s area but Athletic´s defence performed very well today and they controlled their rival´s attack with efficiency.

In the 15th, Erika tried to score a second goal, but Lola tipped the ball out of the field with one hand. Two minutes before the end of the first half, Ibarra served a free kick from the center of the field to the rival area and Erika connected a header scoring the second goal of the match.

In the second half, Athletic controlled the match easily. Irune Murua had the first chance to score, but her shot hit the goalpost. In the posterior corner kick, the referee called a penalty kick for Athletic because a local player blocked the ball with her hand. Orueta´s penalty kick was rejected by the goalkeeper, but Orueta received the rebound and scored the 3rd goal.

In the final moments of the match, Arranz scored the last goal for Athletic. It was Arranz´s first contact with the ball during the entire match.

12:19 Match begins.

(07´) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Long pass to Guru, who sends the ball to the net.
(42´) GOOOOOOOOAL! 0-2. Erika scores with a header after receiving a pass from Ibarra.
13:05 First half ends.
13:20 Second half begins.
(46´) Substitution in Sporting. Esperanza enters the field for Anita.
(50´) Substitution in Athletic. Irune substitutes Guru.
(59´) Irune Murua´s shot kicks the goalpost.
(60´) Penalty for Athletic Club. A player from Sporting touches the ball with the hand.
(60´) GOOOOOOOOOAL! 0-3. Arrate kicks the ball, the goalkeeper rejects the kick but Arrate again scores.
(65´) Yellow card for Erika.
(70´) Substitution in Sporting. Andrea substitutes Virgy.
(71´) Substitution in Athletic. Itxaso substitutes Eli Ibarra.
(76´) Yellow card for Amaia Olabarrieta.
(79´) Substitution in Athletic. Erika is substituted by Beristain.
(79´) Double substitution for Sporting. Lorena and Laura Jurado leave the field and Leyre and Ana enter the field.
(80´) Substitution in Athletic. Nekane is substituted by Arranz.
(82´) GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Arranz scores with a header.

14:07 End of the match.