04 / 05 / 2012
Athletic Club 3 Barcelona 1
Athletic Club presents the following starting 11 against FC Barcelona: Ainhoa, J.Flaviano, Nekane, I.Murua, Iraia, Orueta, Olabarrieta, Ibarra, Erika, Guru and Irene. On the bench there will be Andere, Arranz, Itsaso, Manu, Gangoiti, Paula and Beristain.

For Barcelona they play Sarasola, Quiñones, Meli, Ani, Lau, M. Unzue, Corredera, Miriam, Vicky, Soni and Olga. On the bench Kenti, Rafols, Melanie, Guti, Montse, Carol and Luli.

(2') 1-0. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL. Penalty against I.Murua that Guru scores.
(18') Shot by Guru and good save by Sarasola who sends it to corner.
(20') Yellow card for Olga.
(26') 1-1. Miriam, outside the penalty area.
(35') 2-1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL. Center of Guru from the left and Nekane hits into a goal.
(37') Yellow card for Erika.


(50') Inside pass of Nekane towards Erika who tries to dribble around and the ball moves out before the goalkeeper.
(56') Yellow card for Meli.
(58') Substitution: Luli for Olga.
(65') Ball to Guru’s area that Flaviano hits and the goalkeeper saves.
(70') Yellow card for Irene.
(74') Substitution: Itsaso for Ibarra.
(78') Shot by Soni that Irene keeps out of the goal posts.
(80') Substitutions: Manu for Guru.
(84') Yellow card for Miriam.
(89') Carol, to the post.
(89') Substitution: Arranz for Nekane.
(91') 3-1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL. Ani, scored with a header in own goal.
(92') Substitution: Beristain for Manu.